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Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,

Actually this entry should be the first post but it's not too late to write it right :lol:
I started blogging when I was Form 2 > mychyakejayaan.blogspot.com/. I also make lots of unorganised blogs but I'd deleted all the blogs when I came to boarding school. At that moment, blogging is a waste of time! belajar dulu nanti lalai.

After SPM, my parents disallowed me to go to work. I felt too bored. My younger sister inspired me to blog again. She told me about Lyssa Faizureen's blog, bicarafarah.blogspot.com and Diari Sahabat Blogger group on Facebook. Not forgotten, Nuffnang and Churp Churp, where bloggers get paid. Blogging is a growing activity nowadays. People not only sharing their private life but build up an online bussiness or promotion as well.

Alright, studioous is originated  from study > studious > STUDIOOUS! Saja je tambah 'O' macam Mr goooogle buat hehe.

Then, I were inspired by the Hadith which I learnt during Form 3, saying like this:
" Mulakan pagimu sebagai pelajar, atau pengajar, atau pendengar ilmu, atau PECINTA ILMU, dan janganlah kamu jadi orang kelima, kelak kamu akan binasa"

I'll try to make a interesting yet original posts as possible. That makes my blog unique. I'm a UIA student now. Time is so fast right :) I love hospitality, biotech, and physicology studies so much. In sya Allah, I'm planning to have another part-time hospitality courses (I had one at my boarding school). Stay tuned!  :lol:

Kbaiii a.k.a. . Love blogging and blogwalking very much 3x.

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