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Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,

There's about seven courses in Kuliyyah of Sciences, IIUM Kuantan. All requires four years of study plus one or two years in Asasi (Foundation). These courses are not as famous as dentistry, medic and pharmacy. I can tell you there's a lot of rumours about these courses. Can they offer jobs to students? How's the course journey look like? Some parents also took blame on higher education institutional regarding 'pengangguran' which happen in our country...

Well, my post tonight is to brief you all the courses in the kuliyyah of sciences. About those rumours, I'll emphasize later~

Biotechnology l Mathematics l Physics l Applied Chemistry l Plant and Applied Plant l Marine l
What to say to makcik and pakcik?

- Bachelor of Biotechnology 
It is the study of biology in technology (Bio+technology). We learn all about cell which includes in our body, animals and plants. Scientists claims that cell is a basic unit of life.
How it helps the society?
Well, you know about Cadburry rumour? Everybody is talking about it from time to time. Of course, biotechs can clarify on whether a particular product contains a portion of haram ingredients! Can we detects the pig's DNA or dog's DNA or any sorts of DNA with certain complicated procedures.
In the 21th century, many medicines have been produced by biotechs and have been proven to cure many diseases, better than medical doctors. It develops rapidly across worldwide especially in America as well as in Malaysia.
In UIAM, bachelor of biotechnology consists of three concentrations, which includes food, environment and marine. The students will choose only one concentration during third year of study.
You can see my post here. Study plan here.

- Bachelor of Mathematics
What? So easy, just put your two fingers closely and let your friend count on how much your fingers have! 1+1=2! haha... [Some people take that for a joke!]
Well, mathematics is a complicated course. It is not as easy as you thing. It compliments of Math and ADDMATH! All those trigonometry, probability, stastistics...! Now, what are these subjects are for? How can they benefit to our society? Many people would doubt to take this course. No future!
Let me widen your view, many intelectuals claim that many complicated problems can be solved with math, but somehow mathematicians still fail to show to the society on how they help the society! Do you remember Ibnu Musa Al-Khawarizmi, a Muslim Mathematician scholar? Then, you'll start to fully respect this course.
This course also includes investing stuff like Gold investment, landlord etc. It is a lot thougher that accounting. Accountants, they learn how to gain money or profit, mathematician, they learn how to be a demanding businessman includes the probability on how much customers will come throughout a month. some like that... Hmm...
You can see my post here. Study plan here.

- Bachelor of Physics
When we talk about this course to older people, they usually confused it with 'engineering'. They both learn almost the same thing in CFS (Asasi) but in degree they are totally different. Talking about Kuliyyah of Physics, I most respect, Dr Jasni. If you're able to go to Kuliyyah of Sciences, UIAM Kuantan, you should know him! He's like the inspiration of Albert Einstein, so cool and calm. He loves brainstorming. When it comes to lecture, some students might say, 'Coo..he's so scary!'.
[No post nor study plan available by now. I'll work for it later...]

- Bachelor of Applied Chemistry
The most wanted bachelor in many factories. Why? Because we need chemicals to work. Chemicals are everywhere, but yet we still do not know how to require them at the most effecient way. Chemical/bahan kimia always been incorrectly understood in public, people claims it to be dangerous. It is not like that. Scientists had categorize it into non-harmful and harmful chemicals. A new edition of chemistry book updated every year from 18th century. PTOE (Periodic Table of Elements), is a basic need for chemistry. Pharmacy also take chemistry as a core subject, but as a bachelor of applied chemistry, we go deeper into the subject, to 'apply' in our daily life.  We need chemistry to cook, to dry clothes, to clean our rooms, for perfume-making. You go to store nearby your house, you buy any product, and you see the lable at the back.
You found chemical names: butyl-, isoprenyl, bla.. nyl, paraben...
Even 'love portion' regarding human intimacy related to chemistry!
[No post nor study plan available by now. I'll work for it later...]

- Bachelor of Plant Science AND Bachelor of Applied Plant Science
Spell it correctly okay! P-L-A-N-T, not Sains Pertanian! Sounds filthy for some people. I don't realise what happen to our society about the definition of filthy, status, non-macho and stuffs. I don't mind if it is called as 'pertanian', but in 21th century we have another advanced yet more respected name, 'Agrotechnology'. Yeah! I've noticed that 'bank pertanian' have been switched to 'Agrobank'. How about the difference with Biotechnology?  It's just similar, we still have plant biotechnology. However the name of bachelor might be confused among public somehow.
We need vegetables everyday, some people try to deny it but they couldn't deny 'french fries' which derived from potatoes, and believe or not potato is a part of vegetable! It a compulsory nutrient for mankind and herbivores. Vegetarians will take it as a whole diet includes fruit.
What is so special about agrotechnology? Well, we learn how to make a millions of crops at a short period of time with an increasing population every year. How to genetically-modified the DNA of vegetable crops so that it can withstand for a long period of time. Why can't make it traditional? There's a long explaination for that. It includes soil health due to nomad, pest or herbicide control and climate changes.
Last but not least, we also thought about medicinal herbs, to be a graduated pawang. hehe... Herbs are best cure nowadays. Last time, people do not have faith in it because it took such a long time to cure diseases but with advanced technology, herbs can be extracted for better result and for entrepreneurship. If you don't like to keep yourself under the sun for a long time, then it is best to choose Plant Science (BSPS), you'll be experimenting in lab. If you wish to work in industry, it is best to choose Applied Plant Science (BAPS). We also learn about garden lanscaping in BAPS.
A well-established university for this course is Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), UIAM still a newbie but it is up to you to choose.
You can see my post here. Study plan here and (conc) here.

- Bachelor of Marine Science
Marine is about everything in aqua or water whether it is living or non-living. I love when it comes to marine-based products. Face mask made from sea algae. Seaweed-based food or pearl-based cosmetics. Seafood restaurant nearby the sea with everything freshly cooked. Women loves to talk about that! Another famous creature in Langkawi is gamat, for healing bruise. It works better than clinical cream. We learn to dive into the sea with scuba license first! There's confusion between swimming and diving. Swimming enables you to keep yourself above the water while diving enables you to go deeper into the water. Parents are most concern about their teenagers' safety inside the sea as they go for diving. No need to worry, accidents might happen anywhere include at home. Just pray often for our safety. By the way, we were instructed to go at shallow site, not to hunt for such carnivorous wild animals in the deepest ocean! You can go to Japan for three months of internship. There's a lecturer from Japan also come to UIAM to teach us! We can also learn Japanese language for a required subject. Yeah!
Study plan here.

What's the difference between kuliyyah and department?
Kuliyyah is like a building of where a group of courses located at, whereas department is a compartment which occupy certain courses related to the kuliyyah.

All courses required for 21th century. :)


What to say to makcik and pakcik?

When the media raises issue of abandoned well-graduated students, how they cope with global market? Whereas three critical courses are said for 'job guarantee' (medic, pharmacy and dentistry). Some students, probably most includes me are mentally torched by our parents upon taking these annoying courses [they usually called] and get some filthy comparizon when it come to siblings or relative gatherings.. We cannot blame the mass media or parents for not concerning, because as parents they have right to build their children's future.

Nowadays people value things based on popularity. We cannot neglect that.
Is it anything worse that to took the position of God? It is most saddening some parent involves it in status of a children regarding 'harta pusaka' or 'anak emas'. I heard true stories about that. I hope those misconceptions will come to light one day. Chill out!

There's a lot more courses in UIAM/IIUM Kuantan. It includes those three famous yet critical courses above as we already know, and another seven courses from department of Allied Health Science. UIAM Gombak also they have other courses offered by different kuliyyah, but I don't have much info about that so I can't tell you more. Gombak is Gombak, Kuantan is Kuantan. [Sounds selfish hehe..] I will also try my best to include three critical courses as well. Sorry~

p/s: Sorry, mood tengah dalam BI. Tak faham tanya. K. :)

Terima kasih baca, sudi-sudilah komen :) . 

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