Be A Heartless Person

5:46 PTG

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,

I always left a big footprint behind after another. My last entry was about two weeks ago. Nevermind. My busy schedule as a science student is very hard to handle. Even if I could effort to get good grades, I always feel like something left behind.

Back to the topic, you know, people have hearts. A heart that help to circulate the blood throughout the body. Full of arteries, veins and capillaries. A heart with power. It cannot be touched directly with hands, but easily be touched with a mouthful sword. How did you feel when your heart get touched by somebody?

You may feel that the person is awful, that person think that you're awful too

You feel that you want to get rid of that person determiningly. Never want the person to scratch your heart, your feelings again..

If it the matter that people have emotion, that's the cause they cannot be together. People have differences. That's the cause that not a single principle nor regulation could united them..

A group of religious person claimed that unity could be established by religion. You agreed. People around the globe with own nation, own race, own color. Be united. They've made a lot of work to complete the mission. You followed them. Then, there's a misconception with a matter of individual thought or how the things should be get done more effectively. You try to tolerate, because you know yourself well. You know that you're no better than everyone else. Everyone have strength to stand for, by the holy book they refering to..

The holy book have no to blame. It's the followers. Agreed, but somehow people's confessions outside the room will show the opposite the way than things should be thought to..

Then, again, you feel guilty, whether to keep it up with them, continue the struggle or better to leave. You think that you're the cause of that misconception. How poor you are. Then, you prefer to stay. You want to keep with the brotherhood or sisterhood. In depth of heart, you're induced to just leave. To think of another part of life. You want to be a heartless person. You just want to become one. You say it aloud in every night and everyday.

Somehow, you think on how to get things resolved when people start to be selfish at times.

I mentioned it because the circumstances like keep happening as such a circle, keep rotating and repeating..

Deep. Indeed a deep one.

It's because it's all us. We're the one.

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