Principle Vs Practical

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Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,

It's a long time since my previous entry. I've been so longing to reblogging again. My topic for this weekend is about 'Principle and Practical'. It seems to be similar words, but different outcome and understanding. P n P!

During our 'nerdy' times in school, we used to receive everything that we read by hand. I remember a statement given by my UNGS lecturer, 'don't read things by having a receiving end!'. I respect him a lot for his outstanding views, as he is a foreign lecturer from South Africa.. Such an international speaker that you usually pay thousands in seminars, but I study with him every week in UIA. Alhamdulillah...

Well, back to the topic, how I can relate my lecturer speech with the topic is that, umm.. Principle is something that you can simply say it without having to testify it, whether it works in your daily lives or not! whereas practical is something that you can accept it logically, then you also can make a habit to your daily life. It usually become a structure in a debate, how you can win the case..

Let's make it clear. As a student, we try to read tens of 'How to Study' books, 'Study for Dummies', what so ever you call them... Then, we look at the author, wow! a PhD graduate! a respecful counsellor, too many outstanding profile at the back of the book cover.
Okay, start reading the book, look at the topic like how to read, how to make notes, how to pay attention in class bla..bla.. then you feel like having a refreshing start, especially when you read the book in the very beginning of the semester.

"I sure I'll grab that 4.0 flat house!"
"I sure to make my mom proud"
"I sure to get presents and lots of praise!"

After applying all those, then none is work! Maybe it works for some people, who can make a habit, can do the same thing over and over again... then you tell to that book, "Hey, you're not telly with me, you're not my taste at all". Like a lover trying to break up! Yup, at that time you feel so dissappointed, unhappy and all.

In the other hand, you feel like the book is not practical at all, it's just the principle! You got it?

Some of my friends, they can even pass with flying colours without need to struggle so hard. Sleep in class, sleep at room, I just can't imagine when did she allocate her time to study? I always feel loss when receiving my marks. Feel like depressed so much! One day, my ex-roomate send me an advice via whasapp, I feel a sense of relief. I realise that Allah is testing me as a servant of Him, then He'll replace with something better, insyaAllah..

Believe me that many guide books at the bookstores that tell you nothing than a trash. "How to study" books, for example, tellng you that it is good to do study group, but they never tell you the proper ways of doing it. Then it end up a harsh gossip group rather than a study group. Many books tell you the principle, like I've said in previous paragraph. Some of them even turned into a seminar with deep conversation, but then it tells you nothing! Some worked, some not. Some people just took for granted to gain money for that. A friend of mine did tell me that, if you don't know how to make a good book, then don't do it! You will just fooling yourself and people. I tried to digest what she's trying to say.. it's quite a harsh advice I know. Authoring a book is a popular career to generate a surplus money today, people craving for money everywhere as the cost-living keep increasing. However, to make a great book that will benefit people is very challenging. I should make a deep research then as I still trying to make one. It requires a lot of time and effort.

I've read from an outstanding advice, my lecturer as well that about 80% of success from emotional intelligence (EQ), not IQ. That's the main failure among smart students. I think EQ enhancement should be emphasize more in many 'How to study' books. It just similar to other guide books, like how to lose weight, how to be attractive and all.. I think that the content of the book is more important, then we need to become a critical reader. Not just simply accept everything.

However, as a Muslim, Quran is the greatest book thoughout the history. It gives us satisfaction in both IQ n EQ without we realizing it. Many scholar seek for thousands of quote in books, but Quran can gives you more! We just need to read it everyday and seek for tafsir class to extract the content for our daily reminder, To hafaz it is a lot better...

"Men who celebrate the praise of Allah, standing, sitting and lying down on their side, and contemplate the (wonders of) creation in the heavens and the earth, (with the thought): "Our Lord! not for nought Hast Thou created (all) this! Glory to Thee! Give us salvation from the penalty of Fire." (Ali-Imran 3:191)
"Dengan mengingati Allah, hati akan menjadi tenang"

Hopefully beneficial. (^-^)

Terima kasih baca, sudi-sudilah komen :) . 

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  1. singgah sini, nice sharing :)

    mohon berikan sokongan kepada entri saya, berikan LIKE dan G+.

  2. saya baca setiap perkataan... ayat2 yg bagus untuk renungan... saya pun bermasalah soal prinsipal dan practical... tapi saya akan kembali ke prinsip hidup yg teras pilihan sendiri sekiranya terpaksa pergi jauh atas dasar practical...

  3. hmm.. betul. adakalanya kita keliru dgn dua perkara ini. perkara yg boleh menjerat kita dlm memilih jalan penyelesaian..


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