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Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera,

I actually attended a lot of jemaah groups during my study in CFS. You see, what you could observe is there's a lot of differences of opinions and agendas. PEMBINA, ABIM, PKPIM, Talaqi,.. They've made a great progress towards ummatan wasatan. That's the main agenda for every jemaah that I can see with my direct eyes. Even other academic based or non formal based society also carry the Baiah Solehah program, which to made crucial to culture good Islamic ettiques in daily lifes in IIUM.

Well, to be honest, I'm just a regular individual. I came from regular school for three years, then continue with regular boarding school for two years. In other means, I've no basic to indicate authencity of hadith, Quran verses and all like students from religious schools. You know, SMA, Maahad, DQ, Tahfiz..

So, to be a part of IIUM community, I feel like being honoured to join in. I feel like a person with nothing, and hoping to meet someone that would turned me into something..

I've wrote an entry before in my blog, 'Be A Heartless Person'. Well, the content is similar, but I make that more public. It is actually to express the deepest thought about these religious groupss.

Some of them, I still can get along. Some of them, I still need time helping myself to understand them. You know, those group of people who thinks that they're perfect at everything, they keep cursing sinful people that you can't even imagine. And when you're at loss, they looked upon you to the greatest blame, shameless figure.

Well, I'm hoping that you could be whatever you are, be whatever you want to be. Changing to better deeds without harrasen your true personality. Hijrah is what I mean. People have different definition in morality. Thus, we need to respect each other's opinion.

The murobbi is not the person to be blamed, it's the followers whom conducted it all. It's the followers who often put public into the wrong window of sight to the particular group or organization.

Last but not least, being in a jemaah is not a compulsory but a choice for us. Mishaps always happen anyhow. It counts on us to lead to the way..

Hopefully beneficial. Syukran.

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