Waiting For My Spouse

12:26 PTG

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera,

Everyone dream about getting a great spouse, make a great combination with him or her for now, for rest of your life and hereafter. So sweet..

I've been jumbled by a friend who keep telling me about her spouse to be or husband to be. I know that she doesn't mean it, she just boasting herself. Sometimes, I feel distracted with her.

'Now go and meet your husbands, and marry each them!' I say aloud in my heart.

It seems to me that she actually get confused. Anyway, she think that she is a 'hot pot'! omg. Perasan gitu. And one of my classmates have married already, others just waiting in turns.

Just because of that, my friends especially boys start gossiping each other. Well, I'm not a famous person in college, nor a 'hot staff' to be put attention into. So, please take me out of your gossip bussiness! I don't want to, I just feel happy to be single. Lol.

Even if someone asked me if I have a crush or not, I feel clueless. Maybe I take too serious of it, others feel like it's just a sense of joke. Like be in 'kedai kopi' and talk like adults. Well, I think as an intellectual, we should think further not to extend of profs.. Just take care of your heart, your adab and muamalat..

This morning, I went to optometry clinic at KAHS to do eye checkup, you know, reading alphabets to specky person like me. Myopobia - short sightness. Luckily, the examiner was a forth year students who already married and give birth to one month old baby. Kak Fatihah! However, I feel sorry for her for failing her clinical test. I don't perform well as a good subject for the test and she needs to repeat again next sem. She was an ex-medical student actually, but she didn't perform well in medic. So, she switched into another health profesion, to be an optometrist. She noded that she didn't prepare well, as she just give birth..

Another senior from KOD-Kuliyah of Dentistry, a third year clinical student. Kak Raihan! Sweet, charming smile she is. Thanks so much to her for scaling and fixed my teeth. They look much perfect now. She also married, and her husband worked already.

I just wonder if I met someone, feeling crushed, 'love chemistry' and all. It's a hard think to say actually. I won't revealed you guys about my spouse's character, mehehe.. It's a secret, of course! Just to share you guys the feeling to meet married students without even experienced it.

To least clue of all, I just want a person that can guide me to jannah, establish a strong baitul muslim for future ummah. He's not a nerd person, or take serious in studies, or participate in all programs conducted in university. I just thought that it's all myths of faith person that you read in novels, Islamic novels but not really 'Islamic'. Better to keep that in my mind lah. Secret is a secret. Being the next 'mother of Umar Abdul Aziz' is my ever dream. Ops! K. Maassalama. ~ Hopefully beneficial. ;-)

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