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Department of Optometry and Visual Science (DOVS)
Core Courses:

Year 1 Sem 1: 

Year 1 Sem 2: 
Ocular anatomy
Optics for Optometric Instrumentation
Visual optics

Year 2 Sem 1: 
Clinical Optometry 1
Monocular Visual Process 
Ocular Physiology

Year 2 Sem 2: 
Clinical Optometry 2 
Intro to Binocular Vision
Ocular Disease  
Ocular Pharmacology
Ophthalmic Optics and Dispensing 1

Year 3 Sem 1:
Clinical Binocular Vision
Clinical Optometry 3
Ocular Disease 2
Ophthalmic Optics & Dispensing 2
Paediatric optometry

Year 3 Sem 2: 
Contact Lens Practice
Investigative Project 1
Low Vision
Ophthalmology Posting
Optometry Clinic 1

Year 4 Sem 1: 
Advance Contact Lens Practice
Case Management 1
Contact Lens Clinic 1
Investigative Project 2
Optometry Clinic 2
Specialization Clinic 1

Year 4 Sem 2: 
Case Management 2
Contact Lens Clinic 2
Optometry Clinic 3
Professional Studies
Public Health Optometry
Specialization Clinics 2
*UNGS Subjects already taken at IIUM Gombak before entering the kuliyyah
*University required courses need to be taken as well
*For KAHS students, you guys might have a regular night class compared to other kuliyyah

Credit to: Blog HusnaBaek with Nurul Aina Fauzi and Kak Fatihah

Other department in Kuliyyah of Health Science (KAHS):
·         Department of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology
·         Department of Optometry and Visual Science (DOVS)
·         Department of Nutrition Sciences
·         Department of Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy
·         Department of Biomedical Sciences (new dept from Kuliyyah of Science, KOS)

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