Chinese New Year at Solaris Publika

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Assalamualaikum and hi,

It has been a long time since upbringing of Chinese New Year Eve in Publika. The booths have been opened from this Monday of this week. I'd planned a visit to see my younger sister as she's having a part time job while waiting for her SPM result.

So shall we start with the first booth?
The first booth is right in front of West Gate. Cool thing about Publika.
West gate is a place where usually grab car drop off their passengers to work. So here we are!

Our first booth is from a shop called, 'Pasu'. They sell trees and shrubs. Lots of cool trees here with affordable prices.

They also provide a place for children to play lion dance. So cool! With real lion costumes. Unfortunately the dance begin since I'm not around. So no cute pictures of them. :(

Wish to see a true lion dance. Sobs. :(

So, this is my crazy younger sister. She looks very energetic but not so, when you look through this picture. She's a photogenic person.

Homemade Kek Sarawak Lapis tu try. Help yourself!

And these are among their best selling shrubs. Pepperomia tree, and 'lidah buaya' says my sister. The boss really do loves plants. It looks so refreshing and well-watered.

This is called a bamboo dragon. Chinese people believes that this dragon could bring charm to them. According to my sister, they used to present it inside their house every CNY, a.k.a. Chinese New Year!

I manage to snap a some cute birds perfectly arranged in a tree. They do catches my eyes. Such a pleasant work!

And this is one of their sponsorship work. Real tangerine trees all over the place in bazaar. Really light up the spirit of Chinese New Year, together with red lining, red carpets, and red mini curtains and skirtings.

My next visit is to a cocoa booth. They sell cocoa products with bitter sweet taster provided. They currently setup their own cocoa farm in Banting, Selangor. I just love the taste!

Three range of tastes. From very right, mild cocoa, in the middle, the sweet one, and the left side, the bitter one. Just thinking to make my next brownies. Yummy and chocolatey!

Homemade dried pineapple and dragon fruit. I like the pineapple more!

fb: Vivie Snack by Vie Verte
Selling Cacao Nibs Goods 

Then I went to the Honey Hive booth, just nearby the previous booth. They get the honey from Malaysia, which so called 'kelulut'. Just suddenly remembered my 'Plant Protection' subject from Year 2 with Dr Samsuddin, MARDI officer. Apidae species is a stingless, yet pampered kind of bee which human can easily nurtured. They also have forest honey from wild forest of Malaysia. There are three main species of stingless bee out of 30 species in the world, which are, Trigona itama, Trigona leviesap and Trigona thoracica.

The company provide a travel pack honey which you can easy chewed and bring anywhere and also a honey jar for breakfast and meals. I just love the taste! They also have apple cider vinegar with infused wildhoney. It tastes good too. 

So you can have their products at eight branches throughout Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. And of course, one of those in Publika, not very far from my house.

Honey Bentong Ginger

More cool stuffs awaits. Stone arts, handmade crafts, flowers, angpaws..

Another beauty booth that I'd visited. They sell scrubs, detox, bath salts, soaps, and many more. Suitable for normal to sensitive skin type like mine!

And these are cute casings, for those who loves gadgets and which to change their accessories to cuter ones.

Next booth is Mutiara Figs and Refruits, with two pretty Malay ladies. They sell two versions of fig sambal, spicy one and sweet one. I barely finished my last bite with the spicy one, because it is too spicy to pass my throat! Urgh.. But perharps I would highly recommend for those who have craze with spice food. Orang utagha especially. Fig=buah tin. More sweet sour fruits also coming up, such as strawberry.

I manage to buy a soap from this booth. Many awesome lovely smells with amazing benefits. I manage myself to talk to a cute little girl, SPM leavers, helping her family in the booth. (^-^)

"Cockroach don't like pandan!" she said.
"Owh..really? Never thought of that!"

She said, girls usually buy rose geranium soap because it has a lovely floral sweet smell. But I chose polar bear peppermint soap. Feels more refreshing. I love it because it is very easy to cut so that you can store it for longer time. 

Some essential oil testers.

Then I visited Yudi Mama, a coconut candy booth. They have quite a few sweet flavor of original, Bentong ginger, Bentong durian and sesame (bijan).

A wonderful tradition in every chinese celebration. It taste like dodol to me, which Malay usually handmade for every Raya celebration.

You may visit them at:

The last booth I make a visit is OLFAC3! Yay!
Love it the most. all perfumes are locally made and very rare yet they comprised of four main women frequently mentioned in Quran. Two of them were wives of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and Phraoh's wife. Aisya, Khadija, Maryam and Asiya. Founded by Aien Dato Seri Mokhtar.

ig/fb: @olfac3
"Be magnifiscent"

Then lastly, I had a visit to my ex-workmate during my last semester break at Positive Emperium, Publika. Of course!

So many celebrities visiting~

11 to 25th January guys!
Don't forget to plan a visit~

Leave your comment down below :) . 

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