Stories of Great Mothers

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Assalamualaikum and hi,

Great son of a great mother!

Righteous woman is synonymous with the blessing of sustenance, in both physical and spiritual angle. In Surah Al Imran, we are commanded to enjoin good and forbid evil.

🎇 Stories of Imran ibn Maryam:

"I vow that I will make this my son 'muharrar'" Imran make du'a to Allah.

Muharrar means members of mosque, who take care of  welfare of prayer room.
Eventually the child born as a female, not male. After the birth of a daughter, frustration arose within the couple because they do not wish to have a female child, however, the child was given the name of 'Maryam'. They keep their faith to Allah and take care of Maryam until both spouses died.

After their deaths, there was a vote between Maryam's uncles to set up for adoption. And Allah had revealed to the Prophet Zakariya to throw qalam (pens) into the river. "He threw qalam into the river, then it arises. So it is worth adopting Maryam." Each and every uncle of Maryam struggled to adopt her for several reasons such as, her cuteness, her decency, her obediency, and others. If she fell onto those evil uncles, then she will be wasting her life, but God has chosen him (Prophet Zakariya) to keep her faith with the onset of the qalam by the riverbed.

Maryam was prepared a special place for worship is called 'mihrab'. Prophet Isa was born from the womb of Maryam. This is what the plan of God to the family of Imran. A messenger sent from his descendants for all mankind, not just a mere 'muharrar' served for the mosque. This is the blessing of a righteous mother.

 🎇 Stories of Imam Malik:

He was among seven world-renowned scholars in fiqh. His father, Farouq was commissioned by the Caliph to Khurasan (Russia) somewhere very far away from Medina. At that time his wife was heavily pregnant for three months of age. His wife said, "O Farouq, as long as you do not cross the river (the Russian border), then never your dare to go back!" That is the wife let her husband jihad for the blessings of Allah. Right after birth, the child was named Sulayman. For 28 years, his father never returned home. All properties were handed over to the wife, had been spent to send their child to hadith scholars of the great jurists throughout the period, both near and far.

When Farouq finally stepped on Madinah, many changes occured in Medina but he still remembered the house that he had been abandoned 28 years ago. Then the father went into the house, father and son argued badly because Sulaiman never recognized the old man's face.
"I'm the owner of this house!"
"No, I'm the owner of this house"
Until the mother came out of the room and said, "Yes Sulayman, he's your father!" After a long though times, he finally returned to his family.

The mother was worried, she was thinking the answer that should be answered if her husband asked, "where all the money gone?" Her son immediately went to the Nabawi Mosque to perform his duty of giving the next lecture.
His father headed in the same direction shortly afterwards, while worried about how to explain his many people dispersed throughout Arab lands, then the lecture began. Farouq would hunt around for a glimpse of the future imam. Then he asked the person next to him, "Who then is the imam?". "Didn't you not know him? Every corners of Medina recognized him. He is Sulaiman bin Idris."

The father cried. A child who had been abandoned for so long was now becoming a prominent among scholars of fiqh. When the congregation scrambled each other to shake hands with the imam. Sulaiman appeared in front of his father and they walked together to home. Farouq not even be angry at the wife on how the money was spent because he already see the result in front of his eyes.

 🎇 Stories Imam As-Syafie:

 🎇 Stories of Caliph Harun Ar-Rasyid:

 🎇 Stories of Mother of Caliph Umar Al Aziz:

One night, a caliph when out in the middle of the night for a walk to see his citizens. He came across two women, probably, a conversation between a daughter and a mother.
The mother was then asked her daugther, "Should we put some water inside the milk?"
The daughter said, "No. Even not a single drop would do. We should have fear to Allah as Allah All Knowing".

The caliph was very touched by the daughter's kindness. On the other day, He called his guards to search for her, and to marry her as the queen of the citizen. Umar Ibn Aziz was born and raised by the woman.

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